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Understanding and managing a production with members of different nations and mentalities, is what we are used to. We don´t just translate the words, but we also know what it means in between the lines.


We provide creative and professional services in the editorial and technical area. If you need a permission, complete film, documentary, reporter, producer, stringer, camera team, edit or a fixer in Turkey, just give us a call.

ENG Crews

Frame34 is a launch member of the “AP Live Community”, which links European broadcasters with freelancers who have their own LiveU kit, so we can provide live coverage with unrivalled speed and flexibility.

Your Crew in Turkey

Whether you require full TV broadcast production services, photo journalism, sound, broadcasting or print media services, Feiland Media is well-positioned to assist you and meet all of these needs with professional excellence.

Our ambition is to accommodate your needs. We are fast, flexible and adaptable due to our two decades of broadcast experience. No matter what problems you encounter, only the result counts.

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